Thursday, February 14, 2008

#2 What is Library2.0?

OK, I watched the video and I want to know what language he was speaking half the time.
I don't understand most of this and feel uncomfortable trying to discuss it. The most interesting comment I read was that "A well-trained staff is the key to utilizing social technologies." How true!! With each new thing we learn we can improve ourselves and our libraries so I've got to think that through all of this training there's hope for me yet.

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LeAnn said...

If some of the terminology was a bit confusing, don't get frustrated! I think the 23 Things are spelled out pretty clearly for you as you move along this journey. Just make sure to read the instructions for the Things. Some people have hurried through them, gotten stuck, asked us questions, and if they had just read the directions they'd be okay.

So, I think you'll do fine, just keep moving along!

LeAnn Suchy
CMLE 23 Things Coach